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1.Q: What is the usage of the software?
A: Users can define fruquently used words, phrases or short paragraphs in
the software and with a single click the contents will be input to target
place without inputing character by character. In nature it’s a rapid type
tool to save your input time.

2.Q: How to set up the contents to be input?
A: Once the software is open, it will reside at the system tray. You can
single or double click the tray icon to open the setup dialog. By defining the
shortcuts and contents you can attach key combination with input contents.
Of course you can add/delete/update the contents and key.

3.Q: How to register to avoid popuping purchase reminding message box?
A: You can right click the tray icon to find “register” menu, if you’ve
not registered, you can enter the registry dialog and copy your computer ID
and send it by email to Acmeshare. You can also visit the url in the dialog
to know how to pay via paypal, credit card...

4 Q:How to use this software after the re-install OS of the computer?
A:You can send the original E-mail address and computer ID to us ,then we will send your serial number then you can download this software again for free.Your serial number will be saved in our register systerm,so you can get the same serial number that you used before.





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