Flash design is one of our company's leading services. We can use Flash to make all kinds of animations,games (including sports,chess and cards,entertainment and so on),complete Flash website, courseware(which we designed before involve physics, chemistry, architecture, industrial and online learning system. We know scorm rule very well ,the courseware we made can run on the e-learning system.) Also that we have developed some projects based on Flash remoting and Webservice. In addition,we have a full grasp of ZINC and AIR which we could apply on Flash-based desktop development easily. For Flash media server, we have made some online games,chat rooms and video websites. Moreover, We've the skill of connecting flash with database by using asp, php, coldfusion,java and so forth. We're also good at flash cartoon design and flash site/banner/logo/header/intro/ecard design.


      We've developed quite a few Iphone applications by using the Iphone SDK including application connecting to web server, sound recorder&player and iphone games. We have experience of publishing in appstore.


      Adobe Flex supports the development and deployment of RIA(rich internet applications). We can take use of Flex to make animation and implement RIA application easily and quickly.Further more,we can achieve Web Services,Remoting objects,Draging and Droping, Sequencing rows,Chart and some other functions. There are kinds of animation effect and other simple interactive interface built-in the Flex. We have made some online games,chat rooms and video websites.


       We have mastered the Php skills on how to write applications on facebook and to use the joolma template . In the past few years we developed some kinds of video websites like YouTube. Besides,we've developed shopping cart modules, forums and payment systems. On dealing with the pictures by Php, we can take good advantage of imageMagic to easily achieve a variety of operations. In addition, we are experienced in converting pdf files to pictures in png format .


      We are able to use JavaScript to do special effect of web pages, test the validity of the forms on html pages, dynamically operate the page windows and communicate with flash. Since the JavaScript is just a tool, we always intergrate it with other programming languages . The special effects made by JavaScript include message, calendar, dynamic ads, animated cursor. monitoring the behavior of cursor,etc. We also grasped AJAX.


      Similar to Php,our company could make full use of Asp to design lots of websites. And most of the modules we always use includes uploading files,manipulating files(delete, create,edit),sending mails and interacting with access and MySQL database .